Furniture - A Solution
In Times of Isolation

International Resilience Design Challenge - 2020

Coordinated by Andrew Bullen & Pawel Pokutycki
Collaborators: Sarah Hoogeman, Alexia Moustafi, (...) 

Designing furniture that helps you separate work from the leisure.

As a group, we decided to tackle the challenge to have a lack of separation between work and leisure in times of isolation.

The choice of that design challenge came along with the thoughts that the situation a lot of people are facing due to the pandemic won’t be solved once the virus stopped. The time of isolation made us more aware that we will face
this situation more often in the future. 

Furniture - A tool to physically and mentally separate work and leisure in times of isolation.
Design challenge: How can we find a way to bring more dynamics within a person’s work/life balance, motivation and inspiration in a single living space for people living and working on their own?

Pushing Furniture’s Boundaries

Since its inception in 2009, the Design Challenge has always focused on
human-centred design interventions to address urgent social, cultural or economic issues, using open and inclusive
co-design methodologies with a strong cross-cultural approach.