Warning Signals 
2020 - Interactive Story

Royal Academy of Art - Den Haag, NL
Technique: Touchdesigner 
Direction & Production: Gaetan Langlois-Meurinne
Actors: Robin Whitehouse, Johanna Madritsch, Donatien, Albert, Gilles de Maupeou, Arthur 

When were you in street taking a walk, the last time.
Without knowing where to go, the last time?
Doing on purpose something you don’t like ?
forcing you to sit alone ?
When did you miss the train on purpose the last time ?
When did you shower with your clothes the last time?
Asking a random friend his name again?
Laying on the floor while you wait for the bus because you haven’t slept enough last night?
When did you grab a book to use it for something else but reading the last time?
When was your head in a pot the last time?
When did you ignore the last two questions of a discussion and just continued talking?
Waited for someone to come, without knowing who, but waited?

When was your head in a pot the last time? 

The moments were we find absurdity in our life are rare. Routines is centred by progress and success. There’s no much space for boredom, time used inefficiently, or senseless behaviour. 

Titus, the researcher is worried those behaviours will extinct and takes the responsibility to list and archive them. 

Audience triggering film
The film has several programmed pauses and the resume button is in the hand of the audience. By moving an organge object around a specific spot the film goes on.